Corporate and Blue Chip Companies:

LED Screen Rental for Corporate and Blue Chip Companies

SHIVAM VIDEO works with many corporate, blue chip companies and brands, on exhibitions and events around the world, offering the unparalleled levels of technology and support that high-end events need.

We pride ourselves on our approach to account management and the dedicated teams we put in place, that offer a superior level of account support to you and your team. From the moment we begin working on a project you can expect a dedicated team, who have been handpicked for their knowledge and expertise around your brand, project or industry. It is this level of support that has led to much of our repeat work and clients who have a strong relationship and rapport with our team. A flexible ‘can do’ attitude allows for an immediate response to any queries, questions or quotes you may need, from a team who will go above and beyond to make your project a success.

We also offer additional benefits for our clients, including a free to use “smart space” that we own, which you can use for demonstrations and the testing of content.

 For our clients this means that we are able to offer a more sustainable way of working, that incorporates practices throughout every area of the business, at no extra cost or disruption. By working with a sustainably-conscious supplier you can ensure that your event will have the same impact – just not on the environment.