Interactive and Multi Touch

Interactive and multitouch equipment for events

Interactive and multitouch screens, tables and kiosks draw visitors into a stand, allowing them to view what’s on offer and have a completely personalised event experience. Within our fleet we own a range of different solutions, from video walls that can showcase interactive presentations to multitouch screens, games tables and branded standalone kiosks, all of which, help our clients to achieve these key aims:


Interactive and multitouch solutions are crucial to the evolution of exhibition stands, conferences and digital signage and are now more than just an option: they’re an expectation. Multitouch tables and kiosks make it easier than ever to incorporate an interactive solution into a stand of any size and if you want to take it bigger? Well we have a solution for that too, with large format interactive screens and video walls complete with multitouch overlay, all available for hire within our fleet.


Businesscards in a goldfish bowl don’t quite cut it in today’s digital age and this is why we have invested in off-the-shelf software solutions that allow visitors to select the information they desire on-screen and email it to themselves while on the show floor. The result? You capture leads and meaningful conversations while your audience gets to experience the very latest multitouch technology.

Content that Connects

Interactive floor plans, product brochures, speaker bios that can be skimmed through in a second: what do these solutions all have in common? It is through this pairing, of interactive hardware and software, that you create content that connects and a brand message that is remembered long after the event ends.

Within our fleet we have interactive and multitouch options available for hire that suit any budget, so there’s almost no excuse not to provide an immersive event experience. Want to learn more? Talk to one of our multitouch specialists today

Multitouch Screen Displays

Multitouch walls and large format

Multitouch Kiosk and Tables

Multitouch Transparent Showcases

Multitouch Software

  • 42 – Transparent showcase
  • 32 – Transparent showcase
42 – Transparent showcase

We have CAD and DWG files for all of our equipment. Call us today for a copy.

  • Omnitapps interactive software
Omnitapps interactive software

We have CAD and DWG files for all of our equipment. Call us today for a copy.