Projection is one of the best ways to showcase information at exhibitions and events and years of experience, means that we are experts in delivering a flawless display.

We pride ourselves on our attention to everything from the ground up, because we know that great Projection is all in the detail and the delivery.

It’s why we make every step count. From initial concept, through to project management, the quality of our equipment and onsite setup and delivery, our dedicated team are with you each step of the way.

Within our fleet we own a range of professional HD projectors, soft edge blending and multi-projector setups, so that we can build a bespoke solution which suits your event, your venue and most importantly, your visitors.

We can also offer Projection Mapping, using video projection and choreographed displays, to transform an event venue, building or object, into a fluid canvas that helps to tell your story through 3D and 4D content. We are able to deliver Project Mapping on a large scale and often find that this approach helps to communicate the deeper brand message, with event visitors taking this through to social media, online and even ‘viral’, in order to share their experience.