Sunburn 2018 – The Biggest Concert Ever !

Sunburn 2018 – The Biggest Concert Ever !

As a part of the 10th year celebration, Sunburn will give fans a larger than life experience. The venue for Sunburn 2018 is the Oxforf Golf Resort in Pune, located on the Mumbai-Bangalore highway. India’s leading electronic music brand bids farewell to Vagator, Goa as and moves to the hills in Pune, Maharashtra. This year the festival will be hosted from 29 – 31 December, 2018.

The venue provides great scenery to celebrate the decade-long power of brand Sunburn, say the organisers. Not only is it nestled amidst nature, but also has an out of this world view of the city of Pune. Also, it is well-connected to the main city with a drive time of three hours. The venue will also offer a greener and pollution free environment that is perfect for the Sunburn experience, they say. The new venue is complete with excellent infrastructure along with health and safety amenities. The festival experience will be curated and programmed by various industry experts, they add.

To top it all off, ‘Sunburn Hills’ will have one of India’s biggest campsites that will give every camper a true festival feel complete with after parties, marketplaces, workshops, flea markets, movie

Challenges Faced :

Protecting against Inclement weather :

When water seeps through the LED enclosure, LED display can be damaged – or worse – fail completely. In order to reduce the risk of rain damage, so , We used Waterproof LED to encounter this problem.

 Choosing the Best Hardware :

Specific displays are best suited for certain climates, and as we all know how pune’s temperature fluctuates . So When we choose a full outdoor-rated LED screen, we have to keep in mind  that it won’t be harmed by direct sunlight or rain or windstorm and will display your content now matter how hot or cold.

 Internal Temperature Regulation :

Outdoor LED screens require an optimal internal temperature to function properly. Since they’re constantly on, you need to take steps to avoid overheating problems, such as dying pixels, mismatched colors and fading picture. To protect your screen against this risk, your outdoor screen should have an HVAC system installed that can regulate its internal temperature.

 Determining Brightness :

The brightness of your outdoor display is one of the most crucial aspects of capturing the attention of attendees. Because of the brightness of direct sunlight, your outdoor screen needs to be highly visible. Choosing high-brightness, high-contrast displays make your content more attractive. The rule of thumb is that a display won’t be visible in direct sunlight unless the screen has a brightness rating of 6,000 units (nits is a measure of luminance).as If the display is weaker than this, we have to keep it under an awning or tent to block sun exposure.

Routine Mantainence 

Outdoor LED signs can take a beating from weather, climate changes throughout the seasons and natural wear over time. That’s why we had an LED Professional conduct routine maintenance on our screen. With remote monitoring alerts, our LED Profesional took  quick action to correct any issues that may lead to further problems , check the content that’s being displayed, update the content and monitor the overall temperature and performance of the screen in real-time.

Installation :

Project reaches a new level of difficulty when , Outdoor LED Wall needed to be set up 100 ft up into the sky that feels like an open air environment .We Built a massive stage of 300ft by 100ft . We achieved that with the help of crane and use of all the safety equipments like chain pulleys , belt , lifting hooks , clamps etc

Time Constraint :

We were given a maximum of 48 hours to complete the set up and we created the massive set up and performed the testing as well within 48 hours . We used more than 40 skilled LED Professionals for the set up .

Human Factor :

Human Factor was one of the critical factor for this projects success . As Outdoor LED Wall was set up 100 ft up in the sky and Shivam Video conducted a special training on this. 

Technical Configuration :

Technical Configuration of the Outdoor LED Wall was also one of the challenging factor during this event . As it was a High Resolution 4.8 mm Outdoor LED Wall of 6000 Units, and we used optical fibres , and 4k devices to run the massive LED Set up , across three stages. We Configured 2,16,94,720 pixels on main stage .

Result : 

All the artist were highly impressed with the Audio Video equipments used during the project which were visually attractive according to them and met the standards of such a big event . The audience were spell bound by this concert and they named it as the Biggest Concert ever . 


CUBEZOID LED Display Pattern was the most talked about stage pattern and was awarded one of the favourite stage from “Empire of the sun” to “Cubezoid 4.0 ” .

Sunburn 2018 is the Asia’s only festival listed in the DJ MAG Top 50 music Festivals #27 .  

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