LFD 6K Video Wall Series In India

India plays a critical role for Prysm in both R&D and sales: GB Kumar, Vice president

Aiming to grab a bigger share in the large format display market, San Jose, California-based Prysm recently introduced its LPD 6K Video Wall Series in India.

Aiming to grab a bigger share in the large format display market, San Jose, California-based Prysm recently introduced its LPD 6K Video Wall Series in India. Based on the company’s proprietary Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology—this new generation of Video Wall comes in a rollable , self-emissive panel making it easy for transportation and installation. There are several interesting use cases for its interactive single panel display technology in the country, says GB Kumar vice president, Asia Pacific, Prysm. “The combination of a Prysm video wall and visual collaboration solution makes it ideal for command and control centre implementation in smart cities in India. We are bullish on India which is among the top three regions for us globally. The country plays a key role for us in both sales and R&D,” he tells Sudhir Chowdhary in a recent interaction. Excerpts:

Tell us more about the technology you have just launched.


Our latest technology—the Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series, is the next innovation in our solution portfolio. The LPD 6K is an interactive large-format display that offers a panoramic image uninterrupted by seams or bezels. We have seen strong adoption of the new display in China and North America and are excited to bring the solution to our partners and customers in India. The LPD 6K offers three unique viewing angles—from an up-close pixel-free collaboration session, to seated audience participation, so users experience the same images and content without any distortion or discolouration.

The LPD technology also uses up to 20% less energy when compared to competing large-format display solutions and use no consumables. Also, 96% of materials used in LPD 6K are recyclable, which will reduce the impact on landfills and future collection of new materials from the environment.

Additionally, the displays are shatter-resistant, flexible and offer rollability for transport due to a durable front screen that is rolled into a cylinder for easy transportation and installation. As a result, the technology can be maneuvered through standard doors and elevators—something that is nearly impossible for traditional large-format displays.

How is LPD 6K different from previous generations of LPD displays?

The Prysm LPD 6K Series delivers the clearest resolution available for large, no bezel, interactive displays so you can clearly see each colour and treatment. With up to 6K x 2K resolution and intelligent light engines, one can experience consistent picture quality throughout the lifetime of the display. LPD 6K is a fully interactive display, its robust polymer surface is both impact and scratch resistant, and supports up to 30 unique touch points.

Prysm’s Laser Phosphor Displays also express the deepest black levels possible, resulting in a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. The unique design of LPD 6K provides access to all Prysm equipment from the front. The light engines have been completely redesigned to deliver a low total cost of operation over the life of your display and align with corporate sustainability goals.

Why should one opt for LPD over LED or LCD technologies?

LCD and LED-based solutions are common in the workplace for smaller display needs, but while the technology has reduced the number of bezels in smaller solutions, it has stalled in regards to making large format displays bezel-free. This created an opportunity for our LPD technology. The new bezel-free LPD displays provide users with enhanced image quality, a decrease in seam appearance, and the ability to promote sustainable practices—all with interactivity. The cool-to-the-touch LPD screen with low power intake, consumes about 20% less energy than similarly sized LED/LCD video walls with approximately 96% recyclable materials.

What kind of use cases do you see for this solution, especially in India?

With the release of the LPD 6K, we are helping transform how consumers collaborate in today’s technology-driven world. We are committed to providing enterprises and their employees with solutions that address employee experience and productivity. We have customers utilising the LPD 6K across many high-value collaboration spaces, such as boardrooms, war rooms, premium training rooms, collaboration and innovation centres and customer experience centres.

What is the key value proposition offered by Prysm vis-a-vis competition in the collaboration solutions market?

Large format displays typically have been hindered by high-power consumption and limited applicability. Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology changes this with its flexible technology platform, characterised by brilliant luminance, scalability, and ultra-low power consumption.

When combined with Prysm’s visual collaboration software, the LPD platform can be leveraged for a multitude of use cases, spanning from digital signage, to interactive presentations, and to multi-site team collaboration. The LPD display platform is ideal for users who want a bezel-free large display (greater than 100-inch) that extends beyond the current size limitations of OLED and LCD formats, and delivers a comfortable ambient light experience, both for up-close touch interactivity and distance viewing, that current LED and projector technology cannot provide. The LPD 6K also eliminates the disjointed experience that can be created by tiled video wall solutions to instead deliver an exceptional combination of visual integrity with a responsive touch experience—setting a new standard for interactive video walls
and collaboration.

How important is the India market for you?

We are bullish on the India market as it is among the top three regions for Prysm, playing a key role in sales and R&D. India is also an important component of Prysm’s global strategy.

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