• Product model: M15-W3000 R635nm/700mW; G520nm/900mW; B445nm/1400mW
  • Rated voltage and power: AC100~240V 50/60Hz;<100W
  • Scanner: 3W 25kpps
  • Scan angle: ±30°; Input signal:±5V;Linearity distortion<2%
  • Modulation: TTL/analog
  • Control mode : Music / automatic / master – slave / DMX512(16/30CH)/ ILDA
  • Demonstration effect: Built-in 140 pattern with 20 pages of animation
  • DMX effect: Strobe, rotation, movement, zoom, write in, Speed and color etc.
  • Application: Indoor small venue


New lightweight mini full-color animation laser featured with new animation program panel, OLED display, music, auto, dmx512, ilda, easy for carrying, installation and operation. Blue, black and silver housing for option.