SHIVAM VIDEO is an audio visual, interactive and LED supplier to leading agencies, Event Organisers , Corporate Companies , Production Houses and Stand Builders.We are proud to be Leading LED Screen and Wall Rental Provider in India. Contact Us for your AV Equipment Hire Need.

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It’s at the heart of everything we do and by that we mean it has to do more than just look good (although that’s important too). As well as owning one of the largest fleets of LED, LFD Wall , Multitouch and interactive audiovisual technology available for hire within the events and exhibition industry, we underpin this with creative thinking and innovative technology solutions that make events memorable, measurable and profitable. From our stunning Indoor LED, to interactive screens infused with lead-capture software, through to high-end video presentation walls that are controlled by the one click of a button; we help our clients to shape the perfect event experience for their most important audience.


SHIVAM VIDEO is now Official Distributor of DSAN In India. Contact Us for further Details .Click on the Link Below to order any DSAN Product !

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The Samsung Flip is an innovative digital flipchart that helps to drive more productive and efficient business collaboration without the hassle. With the Samsung Flip interactive UHD display, your team can work smarter, faster and better. Business meetings can take place anywhere, anytime, and you can take the stress out of the logistics. Now , Available for hire with Shivam Video .





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With a strong, long-standing reputation to maintain, we believe in quality. That’s why our screens are built using industry leading technologies such as SMD LED’s which provide outstanding image quality. Sizing isn’t everything and there are several factors to consider when building a high quality screen, such as, the type of light emitting diode (LED) used, pixel pitch and brightness. That’s not all but those are the main three.

What is “Pixel Pitch” ?


An LED screen is made of individual panels and on those panels are ‘pixels’. Pixel pitch is simply the distance between two adjacent pixels. It is responsible for a screens resolution. The smaller the pixel pitch the larger the resolution. This is because less space between individual pixels means more pixels can be fitted overall. More pixels makes for a higher quality image.

What is S.M.D technology?


On a conventional screen a ‘pixel’ is a collection of individual red, green and blue LED’s. On an S.M.D screen those red, green and blue LED’s are condensed into one LED making the size of an individual pixel considerably smaller. A smaller pixel means a smaller pixel pitch. Because of this SMD LED screens are able to produce much higher resolutions than a conventional screen.


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Polaris PL2 Pro+



  •  Multiple Angles , every 2.5 between – 7.5 ~10 degrees
  • Auto Lock and Auto Eject Systems
  • One Man Installation
  • Front & Rear Service Modules 
  • Quick Swappable Power Box
  • High Mechanical Accuracy
  • Guaranteed Realibility
  • Enhanced Color – High Contrast and Brightness
  • Ultra Black Technology
  • Inner and Outer Curve Lock Systems
  • High Refresh Rate